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Cars of the Month 2011

This page lists the photos featured on the home page during 2011. (Slideshow)

MM 7154 January: Peter du Toit’s Mini Marcos Mk.III, MM 7154, in South Africa. This is one of the original shells imported by Brian Raubenheimer. The photo was taken by Ian Allbon when he owned the car. It is currently being prepared for competition. July July: Dirk Palapys’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH8422, at the 2011 International Mini Meeting in St.Stephan Switzerland.
UBT 648H February: Melanie Jackson’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV at Bingley Hall, Stafford in 2000. MM 7470 August: Christian Widerhofer racing his Mini Marcos Mk.III, MM 7470, possibly in Austria but the location and photographer have not been advised.
MM 7130 March: Olly Lewis’s recently restored Mini Marcos Mk.III, MM7130. 7230 September: Eric Cettour’s Mini Marcos Mk.III, MM7230, taking part in the Grande Parade at Le Mans during the 24-hours meeting in June 2011. Bernard Cettour’s similar car is behind.
MM 7030 April: Same colour, different car! Peter Bremner’s Mk.III Mini Marcos, MM7030, emerged from restoration in March. DH 8317 October: Mini Marcos Mk.IV no. DH 8317 was seen for sale on ebay at a price reflecting the high standard of the restoration but possibly a bit high for the UK market.
541 KOJ May: The lines of the Mk.1 Mini Jem are much sleeker than later marks. Simon Clarke acquired this car in 2009 and was hoping to get it on the road in 2010. We haven't seen it yet! Taylorspeed Jem 1AAD 141 November: Andrew Eaton's Taylorspeed Jem in Australia. These cars were based on the Mk.1 Jem and made in a surfboard factory in Adelaide.
GNP 914J June: Eric Cettour’s Mini Marcos Mk.III in France. MM 7408 December: Peter Hinz and co-driver Martin Fischer compete in the Nibelungenring Rallye on 1st October 2011.

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