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Cars of the Month 2007

This page lists the photos featured on the home page in 2007. (Slideshow)

Kohei Shimura January: Don't you just love those curvy wheel arches! Kohei Shimura's Mk. IV Mini Marcos keeps turning up on Japanese web sites. Note also the Le Mans '67-style front end and rear spoiler. 6061 July: Thomas Nettesheim's Mk.III Mini Marcos has moved around a bit. After a long residence in Sweden it was photographed on display in Italy before going to Germany.
Mini Jem in California February: Formerly raced by Don Ernst, "Turtle" (actually registered as TERDLE) is now believed to be in a museum in California. DH 7402 August: Paul Harcourt's Mini Marcos Mk.III emerges from restoration in July 2007.
Fugly March: Not Fugly any more! Tertius van Zyl's immaculate Raubenheimer Mini Marcos Mk. III emerges from a 37-month restoration in South Africa. Fbeautiful! 7316 September: 37 months is nothing! This is Kjell Wiklund’s stunning Mk. III Mini Marcos after a 19-year restoration project. No screw was left unturned!
Hiroshi's Mini Jem April: After noticing that we'd pinched one or two pictures off his Mini Jem blog in Japan, Hiroshi sent a couple more, and the car certainly deserves our top slot this month. 7013 October: Marcus Churchill's newly restored Mini Marcos Mk.III makes its debut at a wet Castle Combe for the Mini World Action Day, 29th September 2007.
7319 May: Thomas Ottoson's Mini Marcos Mk.III in Sweden, MM7319. Thomas bought this car to use while he restores a wooden chassis Marcos GT. Duncan mcLeod's Mini Marcos November: Duncan McLeod’s Brian Raubenheimer Mini Marcos Mk.III at a show in Johannesburg. (Photo: Ian Allbon)
DH 8330 June: Tim Frankland's D&H Mk.IV Mini Marcos on Madiera Drive having completed the London to Brighton Mini Run on 20th May 2007. MM 7364 December: Tom Wiggers has just become the proud owner of this full race Mini Marcos Mk. III previously owned by Werner Bruckmann. (Photo: T. Wiggers)

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