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  Author    inner wing  (currently 330 views)
Posted on: July 24th, 2022, 12:38:35 Quote Report to Moderator
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Hello I have startet doing my Marcos, need pictures of inner wing both sides, I have stripped down the  one side, and noticed some metal on inner wing, where the cross member attached, is it correct, that I have to put in a metal plate to stiff the whole thing? I can not for the time being attach any photo, Roger is on the case
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Richard Porter
Posted on: July 25th, 2022, 09:05:31
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Uploaded for Jens. Hope this works.

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Craig Smith
Posted on: July 28th, 2022, 14:37:42
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On the Mk4 there are metal inserts at the end of the cross member, with a large plate attached that were glassed in to the inner wing.

Some years back I made my own replacements, but no longer have access to the facilities that I used.

However M-Machine make cross member end repair sections that you can use.  They do not have the plate attached for the inner wing, but that should be easy for a decent fabrication shop to add (the plate also has the locating holes for the top shock absorber mounts, and does not need to be as big as it was originally).

You will also have to rebuild the end sections of your cross member from fibreglass by the looks of it.

Last modified July 28th, 2022, 14:39:12 by Craig Smith
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