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  Author    Right - join Part A to Part B etc, etc, etc  (currently 64,151 views)
Graham Bichard
Posted on: December 3rd, 2017, 17:04:42 Quote Report to Moderator
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John, I like the idea of an armrest type cubby but think this would need to be fastened down (or removed) for IVA.  I'll see if I need more storage space than this, but do like the idea.
I covered the console using the various remnants of material I have.  Yet again this is far from perfect but a reasonable finish non the less.
I've put the last side on (without the suede) to see if the cut out on the rear face gives sufficient pedal box clearance (I'm pleased to say it does!):

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Graham Bichard
Posted on: December 27th, 2017, 20:53:54 Quote Report to Moderator
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Well I hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing Christmas.  I've taken the opportunity to do a little more interior work on the car.
I bought another two metres of fabric - more than enough for what I needed, so giving me a bit spare left over (I've discovered a new supplier, much cheaper than the last which meant this cost only a little more than a single metre previously).  I covered the remaining piece for the console and also made a panel to go above the passenger footwell.  This gave me somewhere to locate the interior light but mainly I'm hoping this will create an additional barrier to dampen noise levels:

Given that I had some material spare I decided to cover the steering column cover as it doesn't fit correct;y when on the Marcos - the angle of the steering column and the space between it and the dash is obviously different.  This means there is a gap between the upper and lower halves - by having an overlap of material, and using velcro to join the two pieces I've managed to hide this gap:

It looks quite good even if you can't really see it with the wheel back on.

I've had a quote for putting in the windscreen and the two side windows - £150.  This is a bit more than I thought it would be.  But given that I've had the windscreen sitting at the foot of the bed for the [ast five years or so, I don't fancy trying to put this in myself!
Hope you all have a good New Year!

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Lee Pashley
Posted on: December 27th, 2017, 23:24:26 Quote Report to Moderator
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Are airbag permitted for IVA ? ( IVA manual ,section 14 ,protective steering ,part 5 )
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Graham Bichard
Posted on: December 28th, 2017, 14:51:41 Quote Report to Moderator
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Hi Lee.
Good to see you're still dropping in on here - trust you're keeping well?
Yes, I think you're correct - airbags aren't permitted.  But the wheel I have is from an MGF/TF which comes with an airbag.  But it's not connected.
I suppose I should ask the DVLA if this centre piece to the steering wheel is permitted, or else I'll have to come up with a new centre boss solution.
I would like a wooden Motolita type wheel, but the rules on exposed spokes is a bit confusing (plus I already have the MG wheel).
The other thing I'm concerned about (for IVA) is the position and routing of the fuel supply out of the tank.  I've mentioned this before - again I could ask the DVLA for their thoughts but as it is I'm not too sure what the alternative is.

This afternoon I've turned the car around in the garage and reversed it up on the ramps - I've got some sheets of carbon fibre from an old college project.  I've got half an idea to create some flat panels to attach on to the bottom of the rear subframe.  This should help with creating a smoother airflow under the car (a diffuser! Who am I trying to kid  ) but more importantly should help to prevent spray/water splashing on the the fuel pump (I hope).
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Richard Porter
Posted on: January 1st, 2018, 18:41:10 Quote Report to Moderator
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You can't have Windows without pains.

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I don't understand why the steering column switch covers don't fit properly. You do need to drop the column a bit lower than it would be on a Mini which means you have to make up some brackets or use an adjuster. The alternative is to cut a bit out of the top bit to fit around the dashboard.
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Graham Bichard
Posted on: January 6th, 2018, 17:40:54 Quote Report to Moderator
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Hi Richard.
With regards to the column cowl, the MPi mini (and perhaps the SPi) has a larger cowl than I remember on my old (1991) Mayfair.  This I think to accommodate the later switch gear.
I did manufacture a bracket to locate the steering column and seem to remember rotating the rack as far as was practical to try and fit the cowl in place.
I also cut a square out of the top of the upper piece to try and gain a bit more (I achieved about 1/4").  It's not too obvious in the photo with the covering on but I can just make out the shape of the cutout.  But to get any more clearance with a cut out I would've needed to cut into the sides of the upper piece and I thought this might end up weakening it too much.
So as long as there's no really annoying squeaking when driving I think this should work quite well as a solution.  And I quite like the fabric covering as opposed to plastic - even if it had fit as per in my Mini I think I might have done this.

Hopefully 2018 will be the year I can get the car on the road and I might be able to show you this by way of an explanation.  Here's hoping  .

ETA - I received a response from DVLA regarding an airbag.  So long as I can prove its not connected there shouldn't be a problem with the wheel - I'll take it off and show that the wire isn't connected (as per the photo above).  I'll also re-locate the other end of this yellow wire and show that the 'SRS' harness isn't fitted.

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Graham Bichard
Posted on: January 14th, 2018, 16:47:10 Quote Report to Moderator
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Okay - don't laugh, but here's my first attempts at creating a carbon fibre panel.
I used mould release wax on the old piece of kitchen worktop to make the panel on.  If I'd thought it through a bit more before starting I'd have made a rectangle panel but anyway, following Mr Dickens book I put a layer of gel coat down first.  Once dry I used two layers of twill carbon fibre sandwiching a plain weave sheet.
I needed to create a cardboard 'box' and it still took a good few hours to dry.
Anyway - photo's:
Trying to keep the heat in (cardboard box collapsed a little when I took the photo!):

Panel ready to lift (I'm pleased to say it lifted easily):

Gel coat side up, marked out ready for cutting:

Non-gel coat side.  I'll need to coat this and the cut edges with gel coat to protect it from the elements:

I think I might have made the gel coat layer too thick, but at least it's well coated!  There is a few little air bubbles but it seems not a bad first attempt.  If I was hoping for a better surface finish would it work if I put the resin layer directly on to the mould wax and put a layer of gel coat on the finished/cut panel?  I'm thinking this as the 'non gel coat layer' looks to be much nicer.
Perhaps I can try this on the other panel I'm looking to make:

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Craig Smith
Posted on: January 14th, 2018, 21:12:06 Quote Report to Moderator
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Hi Graham,

You can remove the airbag from the centre of the wheel.  I drilled out the rivets and popped it out of the last MG wheel that I had (exactly the same setup as yours).   I would not feel comfortable driving around with a disconnected airbag that could go off due to a build up of static (Mrs Smite hs Merc has just been recalled due to the chance of the airbag being triggered in such a way due to insufficient earthing).  

Really easy job to do.

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Graham Bichard
Posted on: February 3rd, 2018, 15:28:01 Quote Report to Moderator
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Craig - I'll have another look at taking the airbag out.  Did doing this weaken the centre pad?  I suppose you could fill it with expanding foam to fill the void.
I've had the windscreen fitted:

The windscreen fitter(s) struggled with this, the hole not quite being the same shape as the screen!  But eventually got a fit that they were happy to accept (they weren't quite totally happy with the top left corner as you look at it but were happy that it was fitted as well as it could be and wouldn't pop out).
The side windows however were another matter.  The rubber is as supplied by the club, but they just couldn't get the LH side window in the rubber.  They tried each of the windows, different ends of the rubber but just couldn't get it in place.
They did try the RH window, again struggling.  It was 'almost' in place but they weren't happy with the fitment and there's no way you'd be able to fit the filler:

You can see the window is 'out of line'.  I asked that this was left in - I might try and get a heat gun/hair dryer on it to see if I can soften the rubber and push it into position.
They did say if I could get some more of the windscreen rubber they think that might be the answer - while the rubber is bigger overall, its more flexible.  (What I need is a soft '1/4 - 1/4' apparently.  This referring to the size of the channel which a) fits the bodywork and b) receives the glass).
While they were here I had the silver filler replaced on the rear window:

Not 15 mins after they left (after about three hours) I found another strip of rubber which I think might have come with the car way back when.  This looks to have the same cross profile as the club supplied rubber but feels softer.  Before I buy another three metres of windscreen rubber I might have a go myself at fitting the LH window - see how I get on.

On another note I got a reply from the IVA people regarding my fuel pipe routing.  Answer was this looks like it will fail but it's up to the discretion of the tester.  
The more I look at it though the less happy I am with the position of the pipe - in the event of a rear end shunt there looks to be a very real possibility of the seam of the tank slicing through the pipe, even though it's braided.  The question is - do I re-route it before putting it in for test and risk the new routing failing, or put it in and discuss the possible alternatives with the tester?  (Annoyingly you can't visit/discuss with the testers directly)

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mike brown
Posted on: February 3rd, 2018, 17:25:09 Quote Report to Moderator
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Can you shield the hose in some way with an Ali plate. On the subject of IVA when I put the ibex in I'm expecting it to fail then I will have a list to work to for the re-test if by some miracle it passes first time then thats a bonus.
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Graham Bichard
Posted on: March 17th, 2018, 16:13:19 Quote Report to Moderator
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Mike, sorry for the delayed response.  Been properly wiped out by the flu recently!
I think I'll end up doing the same - put the car in for IVA, see what it fails on and fix the faults found.  I'm just trying to maximise my chances/minimise the rework I need to do.
My concern with the fuel line position relates to if the car was in an accident on the rear/left hand rear corner.
If the car was hit from the rear, with the fuel line going between the fuel tank and a seam on the rear subframe, I think there's a risk of the line being severed.  I'm not sure why I thought this was a good solution (other than packaging).
If the car suffered a left hand rear impact I'm concerned the position of the fuel line, it might be thought the fuel line could be pulled off the connection (by being exposed).
Not being able to discuss this with a tester means it may/may not be acceptable.
We'll see.

On another note - I received the bigger 'windscreen' rubber through the post this morning from Andy/Roger.  Big thanks to them for supplying this shorter amount (3m) for the two side windows.  I'll have to arrange for the window fitter to come back and we'll have another go at fitting these.

Theoretically, with the windows fitted and a solution for the wipers the car could go in for the test....

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Graham Bichard
Posted on: March 24th, 2018, 16:59:51 Quote Report to Moderator
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Well, we got there in the end:

And today I've tried to find a solution to the wipers.  I would like to try and have a 'modern' look for these (while having a solution that works as well as possible of course).  I started with an 11" mini blade on a standard mini wiper arm.  This allowed me to determine the swept area and work out the length either side of the attachment point that I required (for the blade).  After finding out two figures I went hunting for a wiper.  The first one I tried was a modern 'aero blade' type wiper:

This I cut down one one end:

These blades have a couple of (spring?) steel inserts running along the sides of the rubber, to give them the bend I suppose, onto the screen.  While the sweep was quite good I noticed that the blade wasn't in contact apart from at each end of the blades.  I think by cutting the spring steel it moved the point of the centre of the bend, having the effect of lifting the new centre point off the screen.  Not sure if this photo comes across well, but is attempting to show the sweep:

This first blade started off as a 19" length and worked quite well for the top of the screen.
Next I looked at a more conventional blade.  This was 18" to start with but when I tried to cut this, the construction of this didn't allow for my mods (the blade can't be cut down effectively):

So what I need to find is an offset wiper of the aero blade form which already has an offset centre.  There are some blades like this apparently (possibly for rear windows), so I guess I'll have to walk around Halfords with my 'Mk 1' wiper until I find something suitable (or suitable to modify).

We're slowly getting there.....

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Graham Bichard
Posted on: April 22nd, 2018, 18:53:26 Quote Report to Moderator
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So I'm after a bit of help.  I'm filling out the IVA Form 1C (application for IVA test).  Para. 4w asks for ORIGINAL design laden weights.  This para. suggests referring to the weights on the chassis plate (none stamped http://www.minimarcos.org.uk/minimarcos/mkvi3/index.html ), referring to the original handbook or contacting the manufacturer.
Speaking to Rory, he provided me with recorded weights for their demo car.  However this is recorded weights, not maximum laden weight.
My MPI Owners handbook only has a maximum rear axle weight in the technical data (510kg).  If I use this figure (which would seem to be correct) what would the figure be for the front axle?
Any ideas?
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mike brown
Posted on: April 23rd, 2018, 17:47:32 Quote Report to Moderator
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I've used land rover weights for my ibex (land rover based) as these will be the suspension max weights and more than enough for gvw. If I were you I'd use mini weights.
I've just applied for the IVA for my ibex as well.
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Graham Bichard
Posted on: April 29th, 2018, 17:19:18 Quote Report to Moderator
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So here's my wiper solution:

Hopefully you can see how much I've had to cut one side down.  However this now clears a large section of the screen.  Modifying these involved gently straightening out the flat spring steel spine of these aero-type blades, but they give a nice modern look as well as working well.
The blade does still overlap the edge of the screen - I could as has been suggested in another thread look to fit a different gear to the wiper motor but this solution wipe so much more of the screen I hope this is acceptable to the IVA tester.

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